Peter Triezenberg
Custom Dungeons and Tropical Beaches Abound in Shining Resonance DLC
Does the dragon get a swimsuit? Curious minds want to know.
05.06.15 - 5:09 PM

Shining Resonance has been out in Japan for a while now and receiving a steady stream of new DLC to boot. The 16th set of DLC (whoa!) updates the automated dungeon-maker known as the "Grimoire." The Grimoire can be customized using various Sigils found in battle, allowing the player to adjust the enemy types, difficulty, and other attributes that can be found. With the latest patch, the level cap has been raised to 200, so there's certainly plenty to do. Take a look at the video from Famitsu to see it in action.

The Grimoire DLC is free and changes each time you enter it. Once you enter the dungeon, you're stuck with the party you went with, so be prepared for that. These maps come with a number of customizable themes, including monster-ridden volcanoes and beaches. Speaking of beaches, Shining Resonance is also getting a batch of swimsuit costumes. These will cost 500 yen apiece.

shining resonance swimsuit

Shining Resonance has been out in Japan since December. There's no word of an English release.


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