Jesse Woo
Fate/Grand Order's New Assassin Class has Arrived
Doesn't look like an assassin to me.
05.06.15 - 11:10 PM

After releasing a video of the new Rider class servant, iOS/Android RPG Fate/Grand Order developer Type-Moon has a video of the new Assassin servant. The character is voiced by Mamoru Miyano and designed by Nakahara. Check out the video below.

For the uninitiated, the Fate universe is home to groups of powerful magi who periodically battle one another for control of the Holy Grail, an artifact which can grant any wish. Each magi is paired with a servant that comes from one of several classes: Saber, Rider, Assassin, Lancer, etc. There can generally only be one member of each class participating in the conflict, which is why they are referred to by their class.

However, each servant is the embodiment of a powerful historic figure, so they will occasionally retain their former identity. For example the Saber from Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero embodied Britain's King Arthur. Moreover, Fate/Grand Order appears to feature both the King Arthur Saber character and a new Saber class servant. It is unclear how this will work in the game. Fate/Grand Order is in development for iOS and Android and comes out in Japan this summer, so we may have to wait for answers until then.