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The Creator of Fire Emblem is Making A Game With SRPG Maker
Shouzou Kata is making his first game in a decade.
05.08.15 - 12:38 AM

The creator of the original Fire Emblem on the Famicom, Shouzou Kata, recently announced on his blog that he's working on a new game, using SapphireSoft's SRPG Maker (the strategy-RPG equivalent of RPG Maker). With a small development team (currently about ten people) and the tools available in the SRPG Maker software, Kaga is currently looking for help with sprites and battle animations, which he mentions in his blog post. The entirety of this post, translated by Serenes Forest, can be read below. This seems like a pretty interesting project, so hopefully we see more of it!

fire emblem creator

This might be a bit sudden, but I decided to start making a doujin game with some friends, hahaha.

We’ll use the recently released doujin soft SRPG Studio (© SapphireSoft), and once it’s done we’ll distribute the game for free.

In order to increase the game’s quality, we’re looking for runtime graphic contributions we could use for free: unit sprites, battle animations, effects, map tiles, parts, background music, sound effects, background images, etc. Those who have made or obtained (with permission from the original author) such resources, please give us a hand.

Notably, we’re in serious need of map sprites and battle animations, as they are sorely insufficient at the present.

So, to those benevolent folks who have made such resources or are bored enough to look around for them:
– I might adjust some things to match my world view and solve technical issues.
– Material copyright follows the terms and conditions established by SapphireSoft, but otherwise they belong to their creators.
– Their use will follow the terms and conditions established by SapphireSoft.
– Their use will be allowed for future sequels.
– Absolutely no material infringing a third party’s copyright (eg. taken from another game).

If you understand those conditions, please compress the file folder and send it as a mail attachment. Use that opportunity to write usage conditions/explanations and wishes, if any. Once I check the content, I’ll reply telling whether I’ll make use of it or not. (You’ll be credited nominally in the credits roll.)

Our staff – myself included – has limited time to work on this, so we have no idea of when we’re going to finish this. Should we finish, I’ll post about it in this blog. Please look forward to it if you like retro games (though it’ll be hard to get it done if we don’t get the materials ^^;).

PS: If you have any questions or whatever, please reply to his post.
Unit sprites and battle animations must come in a set (exceptions may occur).
Please use colors freely. We intend to use Berwick Saga as reference in that regard.
We’re in particular need of a large number of enemy units.
Dragon knights and the like might require a high level of ability to be made.
I tried looking for the sprite artist, but he went kaboom. Well, I guess it can’t be helped…
These tools seem to be very solidly designed. I’ve only fiddled with them for around 10 hours, but the test map I made didn’t leave me a bad impression. We should be able to do interesting things once we add scripts into the mix.
I exchanged some mails with the creator(s), they were very polite and friendly. Of course we’re completely unrelated, this is by no means stealth marketing, hahaha.

I heard there’s already a 2ch thread around, and that people are already uploading material to it. I haven’t seen it, but I wonder if it’s generally high level?

Currently we have 10 people in the staff, pros included. We’re still negotiating with a character designer, but we might just get an amazing artist here.
Music is a future issue, but I already have a name in mind. (Take a guess, haha)

This is basically a project with friends and acquaintances, but we’d welcome a sprite artist. It’s our biggest weak point, so we’d warmly welcome you if you’re enthusiastic.


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Dragon Quest XI w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

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