Robert Steinman
New Nintendo 3DS Bundles Invade Europe
The perfect way to save some money!
05.08.15 - 2:06 PM

Buying any new piece of gaming hardware can put a serious hurt on your wallet, but thankfully Nintendo is taking some of the sting out by offering three New Nintendo 3DS bundles!

Nintendo New 3DS Bundle Pokemon

The first bundle comes with a white New Nintendo 3DS, digital copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, white cover plates, Pikachu cover plate, and a unique Pikachu HOME theme.

The second bundle packs in a black New Nintendo 3DS, a physical copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, black cover plates, Xenoblade themed cover plates, and a Mechonis HOME Theme.

Finally, the third bundle comes with a black New Nintendo 3DS, a digital copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, black cover plates, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate themed cover plates, and a Monster Hunter HOME theme.

The three packs will be available on June 26th in Europe.