Robert Steinman
Xenoblade Chornicles X Sells Well in Japan
And that's despite a comparatively small user base!
05.10.15 - 2:19 AM

Whether we like to admit it or not, sales figures matter. We've been waiting with bated breath to see how well Xenoblade Chronicles X will perform in Japan, and things are currently looking pretty good, though you have to dig into the numbers a bit to fully understand what's going on.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Sales

Xenoblade Chronicles X came in third place in the Media Create software chart, which doesn't seem that great on its own. However, the game sold 85,586 copies in its first week compared to the original Xenoblade Chronicles selling 82,952 back in 2010. One has to consider the install base of the Wii U versus the Wii to see just how much of an accomplishment this truly is. Back in 2010, the Wii was sitting at over 10,364,020 sales in Japan versus the Wii U's current sales 2,315,751. So yeah, Xenoblade Chronicles X sold more than the original game with less than a quarter of the install base. Not too shabby!

In addition, Media Create reports that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D sold 56,932 copies during its debut period. Seems like everyone loves them some Xenoblade, but we already knew that around here!

Xenoblade Chronicles X is out now in Japan and due in America some time in 2015.


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