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Koji Igarashi Returns With Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter
"You may be familiar with my legacy."
05.13.15 - 2:35 AM

With all the drama and heartache over Konami recently, one must remember that they were responsible for some of the all-time greats. Having since left the company, famed developer Koji Igarashi—the man whose influence spreads not only over the Castlevania franchise but over the entire "Metroidvania" subgenre—has launched a Kickstarter for a brand-new game in his signature style. Entitled Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, this game will be a 2.5D action-adventure title in a similar vein as Symphony of the Night and other classic titles Igarashi is known for.

koji igarashi bloodstained

koji igarashi bloodstained screenshot

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will star Miriam, an orphan who is slowly turning to crystal due to a curse. Miriam must explore a castle created by an old friend turned bitter enemy, who has been consumed by this curse, encountering the same sort of dark and gothic monsters and environments we can expect from Igarashi (although, as he was quick to point out, there won't be any Dracula in this one, as that would be "too similar" to his past works).

The game has since blown past its initial funding goal of $500,000, meeting all of its initial stretch goals, and is scheduled for release in 2017 on PS4, XB1, and Steam. Backers will have a chance to receive physical PlayStation 4 and XBox One copies of the game, which is a Kickstarter first. Now that all the stretch goals have been met, the game will include voice acting by David Hayter (Solid Snake himself!), cheat codes, a Nightmare difficulty setting, and backers will be able to get a hardcover artbook. We'll keep you posted on any and all Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night news.


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