Jesse Woo
Fire Emblem If Making Some Big Changes to Classic Formula
All in the name of mass appeal I suppose.
05.13.15 - 11:10 AM

Fire Emblem If has been making waves for its branching storyline and multiple versions, but that is not the only innovation in this newest installment. Famitsu has info on difficulty levels and other changes to the classic formula, as well as a list of voice actors.

In addition to Casual mode which will revive characters at the end of the battle, those in need of extra help can opt for Phoenix mode, leting defeated characters come back at the start of the next turn. However once you change the difficulty the first time you cannot do so again in a play-through. Further, for the first time the protagonist is fully customizable by name, gender, and appearance (in Fire Emblem: Awakening the customizable character was central to the story, but not the protagonist.) Certain royal-type characters can use a "Dragon Pulse" to alter the battlefield map, for example raising bridges, causing earthquakes, or leveling mountains. The game will also eliminate weapon breakage, a previous mechanic where weapons would have a limited number of uses that added another layer of strategy and resource management. Finally, there will be nine save slots that will increase by three when additional storylines come out.

Fire Emblem If conflict

Regarding voice actors, the female protagonist is voiced by Satomi Sato and the male by Nobunaga Shimazaki. The protagonist's class will be called the Dark Princess or Dark Prince. Other characters and their voice actors include:

From the Hoshido (White) Kingdom

  • Ryouma (Yuichi Nakamura)

  • Hinoka (Kaori Nazuka)

  • Takumi (Yuki Kaji)

  • Sakura (Hisako Kanemoto)

From the Nohr (Black) Kingdom

  • Marx (Katsuyuki Konishi)

  • Camilla (Miyuki Sawashiro)

  • Leon (Mamoru Miyano)

  • Elise (Ayaka Suwa)

Fire Emblem If comes out for the 3DS on June 26, 2015 in Japan in sometime in 2016 in North America and Europe.


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