Scott Clay
Bandai Namco trademarks Tales of Berseria, Orfellia, and Alestia
Just keeping adding -ia to the end of words, one will stick.
05.13.15 - 11:16 AM

It's that time again, Tales fans, as Bandai Namco filed 3 new Tales of series trademarks in Japan this week. So far we have Tales of Berseria, Tales of Orfellia, and Tales of Alestia. Bandai Namco has a track record of trademarking a number of different Tales names before announcing a new game in the series. Don't for a moment think they will stop at 3 either, as it took 11 trademarks before the company decided on Tales of Zestiria for their latest installment. 2 of the those 11 trademarks went on to be used on mobile games, the other 8 were left unused.

tales of zestiria orfellia alestia berseria

Don't forget that the Tales Festival is coming up on June 6th and 7th, where it's rumored that Bandai Namco has a big announcement for the series. It looks like it may be a new game after all. Make sure to check back with RPGFan as news develops at the festival.