David Brown
May Update For Final Fantasy XI Includes a Slew of Goodies
More reasons to return to Vana'diel
05.14.15 - 6:21 PM

Square Enix knows how to keep legions of loyal fans happy. They announced that Final Fantasy XI will receive an update this month and have also released a trailer to showcase the new content. Check it out below.

Included in the update:

  • New battle content: Geas Fete
  • Seven new types of equipment
  • Mog House receiving a second floor expansion with new furnishings
  • Mog Garden has new creatures to rear
  • Warrior gets rebalanced abilities
  • Black Mage gets new abilities
  • Red Mage gets new spells
  • Dark Knight gets new abilities
  • Ninja’s ninjutsu being rebalanced
  • Corsair sees new abilities
  • Puppetmaster to get new automaton attachments

Square Enix has not given an official date for the Final Fantasy XI May update, but it's bound to be pretty soon.