Peter Triezenberg
Meet Garland and Echo the Fairy in Mobius Final Fantasy
Wait, I thought Bravely Default was the one with the fairies?
05.16.15 - 1:43 PM

We've been getting a steady trickle of Mobius Final Fantasy news ever since it was announced for smartphones, and now Square Enix has provided some initial details on a pair of new characters. The first, as you can see below, is a hulking armored figure named Garland. Sound familiar, Final Fantasy vets?

mobius final fantasy garland

Garland may appear solemn, and is indeed rich in experience and knowledge, but he apparently speaks quite arrogantly, and for reasons unknown is fixated on Wal as the Warrior of Light. Next up, we have the fairy Echo, who looks like she jumped right out of another Bravely Default sequel.

mobius final fantasy echo

Echo is a whimsical being who, while normally invisible, appears to the player character for unknown (no doubt plot related) reasons. She will also assist the Warrior of Light in battle, occasionally jumping in to heal or buff the player character. There are apparently various costumes that she can be dressed in, as well.

There's also a teensy bit of new info regarding job-specific Special Moves. These powerful abilities can be used when a gauge has been filled, after absorbing elements or dishing out damage, and vary by job class. For example, the Warrior class can use Round Slash, which attacks in a wide arc and then casts Brave to boost attack strength. Likewise, White Mages can use Holy Prayer, which heals HP, casts Regen on the player, and attacks the enemy with a Ruin spell. Other job classes promise to have their own Special Moves as well.

Mobius Final Fantasy will be available on mobile devices in Japan sometime later this year.


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