Mike Salbato
Meet Lost Dimension's Sojiro, Zenji, and Himeno
And get a first look at both some tame and off-the-wall DLC outfits.
05.17.15 - 4:20 PM

It's been three whole days since we last checked in on Atlus' Lost Dimension. Last time, we introduced you to three of the game's cast: Sho, Yoko, and Toya. Today, we get introduced to three more. Get acquainted with Sojiro, Zenji, and Himeno!

Sojiro acts as the medic of the group, with the ability to both heal and resurrect party members. His medicinal skill also extends to offensive moves, as he's able to apply negative status effects on enemies.

Zenji's gift, Synchronization, grants him the ability to mimic other party members' actions, allowing you to double up on highly effective attacks.

In the video, you can see that Himeno's gift of Pyrokinesis grants her fire-based attacks such as Phoenix Wing, but she'll also be able to wield the powers of ice.

Finally, you may have heard, but Lost Dimension will have a selection of DLC available at launch - to the tune of character costumes, PSN avatars, additional story content, and extra quests - but thankfully, all of this content will be free for the first two weeks. We have several new screen shots in our gallery that showcases these costumes, and they range from the sexy, but not obnoxiously-revealing:

Lost Dimension Himeno Costume

To the sexy AND super-revealing:

Lost Dimension Himeno Costume

To... um... this:

Lost Dimension Himeno Costume

Lost Dimension is coming to both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on July 28th in North America for $39.99 USD. NIS America will be bringing the game to Europe sometime this summer, as well.


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