Robert Steinman
Final Fantasy XV Duscae Demo Will be Updated
Lots of changes coming based on player feedback.
05.18.15 - 3:32 PM

It feels like only yesterday that we were all losing our minds over the Final Fantasy XV demo, and Square Enix made sure to gauge player feedback in preparation of the full release. Well, looks like they're going to go one step further by actually implementing some of those changes into the Duscae demo.

Final Fantasy XV Duscae Demo 2.0

The Final Fantasy XV demo will update to 2.0 at some point in June. Square Enix plans to implement camera and combat changes based on what players have said about the game. We don't have a full list of changes just yet, but we're sure to hear more over the next month or so. It certainly seems like Square Enix is putting a lot of effort into the next entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, and I for one applaud a developer who listens to gamers rather than tell them what they want/desire.

Final Fantasy XV is currently in development for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. No release date has been given just yet.