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Limited Edition and Story Detailed for Gust's Yoru no Nai Kuni
Gust's latest has some phat loot for Japanese gamers who pony up.
05.20.15 - 12:12 AM

The recently announced title from Gust, Yoru no Nai Kuni, an action-RPG from the creators of the Deception and Fatal Frame series, is getting a couple of different special editions.

gust rpg yoru no nai kuni

The Collection Box (or Super Limited Edition) will cost 13,824 yen on PS3/PS4 and 12,744 yen on Vita for the Standard Edition. The Gust Shop Combo Set will cost 16,092 yen on PS3/PS4 and 15,012 on Vita. The Collection Box includes a copy of the game, an official visual book, 2-disc soundtrack, Special Arnas 3D card, extra-large Arnas bath poster, and Special A3 Tapestry poster set, with the Combo Set also coming with a tote bag and hand towel.

The Premium Box contains everything that was in the Collection Box, sans poster set. This version will cost 10,584 yen on console and 9,504 yen on Vita, with the Gust Shop Combo Set once again costing roughly 2000 yen more. Finally, the Gust Shop Combo Set can also be purchased separately, netting you just the tote bag and hand towel.

There's also a new plot synopsis:

People who were once human—

The battle against the monster leader, known as the Ruler of the Night, ended in human victory. However, the polluted blood from his fall scattered and left behind a root of evil. Those that bathe in its blue blood change form and become beings known as Jayou—creatures that take away the night from the people.

Since then, the people of this land go about their doings while the light shines, as the Jayou come out when darkness falls. A land that never sleeps, it’s become known as the “Land Without Night.” Bathed in blue blood, a girl cursed with the abilities of a “Bloodsucker” lives for those of the Land Without Night, and fights alone as the night’s sacrifice.

This Land Without Night does not exist on maps. This is the story of two girls’ love scattered in history. A story of life and battle not told by anyone thereafter. A story based on this true love, both sadder than anything else and more beautiful than the moon—.

The saint who carries the burden of devoting her life to seal the Ruler of the Night. And the holy knight protecting the saint from Jayou and delivering her to the Ruler of the Night.

Arnas is newly dispatched to Rusewall Island, where she is reunited with her close friend Lyuritis. It’s their first meeting since leaving boarding school, so the two girls do not hide their happiness.

But their encounter was no coincidence.

A holy knight and a saint. In reality, their bonds will be torn. Does Arnas protect the life of her close friend, or sacrifice the saint’s life to the Ruler of the Night? For these girls in conflict, their fated decision draws nearer at every moment.

An official teaser site also opened up for Yoru no Nai Kuni. You can find the link below.


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