Jesse Woo
Fire Emblem If Will Freshen Up Classic Formula in More New Ways
Panicking aside, maybe change is a good thing.
05.20.15 - 9:26 PM

The Fire Emblem If developers have already announced several changes to the usual formula from both a story telling and difficulty perspective. Now, the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed more tweaks to the game's combat, as well as several new characters.

Fire Emblem If Combat

The biggest change is in the way weapons work. This time around, all weapons, except for staves, will have an unlimited number of uses, which means no more worrying about your weapons stockpile. To balance this out, stronger weapons will carry certain disadvantages. For example the weaker Bronze Sword will have 0 crit chance but +10 crit evasion. Upgrading to a Steel Sword will grant a better attack but at the loss of the crit evasion, -5 evasion overall, and greater difficulty in using a double attack.

Further, the classic weapons triangle will see some big changes. Instead of the usual swords > axes > lances > swords, weapon priority will now be swords and magic > axes and bows > lances and concealed weapons > swords and magic. Thus, swords and magic will be strongest against axes and bows, which will be strongest against lances and concealed weapons, which are in turn strongest against swords and magic. It appears that the magic triangle is gone as well, a trend started with Fire Emblem Awakening. However, the developers have added concealed weapons, which are a new weapon type used by maids, butlers, and shinobi that will debuff enemy abilities.

Speaking of maids, butlers, and shinobi, Famitsu also announced several new characters that will occupy these new roles. They are:

  • Felicia (voiced by Nozomi Sasaki): A maid

  • Joker (voiced by Junichi Suwabe): A butler

  • Gunther (voiced by Rokuro Naya): A great butler

  • Suzukaze (voiced by Daisuke Ono)

  • Saizou (voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki)

  • Kagerou (voiced by Rie Murakawa): A shinobi

Felicia, Joker, Gunther, and Suzukaze will join your army in both White Kingdom and Black Kingdom versions, while Saizou and Kagerou will only join in the White Kingdom version. The different versions will have different weapons as well.

On a more meta Fire Emblem level, the upcoming issue of Nintendo Dream magazine will include a special edition called the "Fire Emblem Artwork Selection 2." It will include 40 extra pages of artwork from Fire Emblem If, Fire Emblem Awakening, and others, as well as a retrospective on Marth and a Marth papercraft doll. Westerners can order the July issue of the magazine from Yesasia in North America or Yesasia Global elsewhere.

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