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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward New Job Info and Videos
One month, just one more month.
05.21.15 - 6:39 PM

During today's Letter from the Producer Live Part XXI, Final Fantasy XIV director and Producer Naoki Yoshida, also known as Yoshi-P, took us on a tour of some of the amazing places we will visit in the Heavensward expansion. More importantly, he showed off for the first time some of the new abilities that players will get to learn for each Job as they level up to the new cap of 60. Rotations are sure to change, and class roles will be better defined with the release of all these new abilities. To get a small taste of the action, as well check out all the new dungeons, check out the videos below.

Awesome, but what do these skills actually do? Well Yoshi-P wasn't stingy on the details on these abilities either. Follow along for a quick rundown of the abilities of each new job.


  • A new combo action that branches from Savage Blade and Riot Blade will be introduced.

  • Divine Veil - Sets a protective barrier around the target where if the target receive cures while under the effect, other nearby members will also receive a barrier effect.

  • Paladins will also be granted new skills to block enemy attacks in order to make better use of shield swipe.


  • Deliverance – A new stance that increases your DPS while giving a new stacking buff called Abandon. Switching between Defiance and Deliverance will maintain the amount of stacks you have generated. There will be new abilities that will consume Abandon as well as self healing skills.

  • Raw Intuition – An ability that will guarantee a parry when receiving an attack from the front. However, when struck from the sides or back you will receive critical damage.

Dark Knight:

  • Darkside – An attack stance that drains MP, but players can not recover MP in this mode with help from other players. Weapon skills from the Dark Knight are the only way to restore lost MP.

  • Grit – A simple tank stance to gain enmity.

  • Living Dead – Similar to the Paladin's Hallowed Ground or the Warrior's Holmgang, use of Living Dead will block all incoming attacks.

  • Unlike Paladin and Warrior, Dark Knights will get an effective gap closer instead of the traditional Shield Lob/Tomahawk skill.


  • Blood of the Dragon – A skill that allows for a 4th skill to be activated in both the Full Thrust and Chaos Thrust combos. It also allows a the Dragoon to perform other strong actions that will consume Blood of the Dragon.

  • Animation adjustments for all jump skills to keep Dragoon rotations quick and heavy hitting.


  • Chakra – A new stacking buff that can be consumed to deal high damage or restore TP.

  • Monks will be able to switch stances without attacking, giving them options in fights with downtime.

  • Also abliites that consume Greased Lighting to deal high damage attacks will be introduced.


  • Duration of Huton will be increased to allow the flow of Ninjutsu to be more streamlined.

  • Skill will see an increase in the number of positionals.

  • A enmity manipulation skill will allow the Ninja to lower the enmity of fellow party members.

Black Mage:

  • Ley Lines – A stationary buff, that when placed on the ground grants the user a 15% haste bonus. It should be noted that other players are unaffected by Ley Lines, and if the user steps outside the circle, Ley Lines will disappear.

  • Sharpcast – Using this self buff will allow the next cast of Fire or Thunder to 100% activate their proc.

  • Enochain – A new 30 second buff ability that will grant Black Mages the use of Blizzard IV and Fire IV. Fire IV is a heavy damage spell, while Blizzard IV allows the player to extend the Enochain buff by 5 seconds. Maximizing damage and extension of Enochain will be a true test of skill for Black Mages.


  • Tri-disaster will now be called Tri-bind. A new skill called Tri-disaster will allow Summoners to apply Bio, Miasma, and Bio II all at once.

  • No new Egis, but the existing Egi's actions will be increased and reworked.

  • Dreadwyrm Trance – An ability that summons the power of Bahamut. While under this ability, Summoners will be granted stacks of Bahamut Ether which can be spent on other actions.


  • The Wanderer's Minuet – A new unique song that can be used simultaneously with other songs. It allows Bards to charge up their bow to unleash powerful skills, however if you move you will lose the effect. You will also lose your auto-attack while under the influence of the song limiting your mobility for the chance to increase damage.

  • Sidewinder – A physical attack that will increase the effect of your DoTs already applied to enemies.


  • Their major speciality is to use buff called ammunition, and by using stacks of these it’ll add various additional effects to the weapon skills. Weapon skills will have you using shot 1, shot 2, and shot 3, but using shot 1 gives a 50% chance of boost to shot 2, and another 50% chance to boost shot 3. By using ammunition you can make sure the boost procs.

  • Reload – Allows the Machinist to reload 5 stacks of ammunition. You may use this ability even if you are not out of ammunition to increase the damage efficiency. You may also sometimes quick reload for dire situations.

  • Abilities like Wildfire will increase damage, and turrets will affect party members in range with buffs.

White Mage:

  • Asylum – A ground targeted AOE Regen bubble to heal near by allies.

  • Assize – A skill that is used both to attack and heal at the same time.

  • A new single target instant heal will be introduced.

  • A new ranged DoT spell will accompany the use of Stone 3 and Aero 3.

  • Cross-class Protect will not have the built in Magic Defense for balance reasons.


  • Indomitaility - A new AoE healing action will supplement scholar’s current AoE healing strength, which may have felt a bit weak up until now.

  • Deployment Tactics – An action will extend the effect of Adloquium and Eye for an Eye that is on the target player to other party members in range.

  • Emergency Tactics – An action that takes away the barrier effect to Adloquium, and instead gives additional healing power for the amount of the effect of the barrier.

  • Dissipation - This action dismisses your fairy, but in exchange you receive additional magic power.


  • Two stances to switch between, Diurnal Sect and Nocturnal Sect, One of them is simply a healing stance much like White Mage, while the other uses barriers much like Scholar.

  • You can draw cards which will give various types of buffs. Depending on the card that you randomly draw, you can gain effects such as enhanced attack power, haste, and also damage reduction.

  • Royal Road - Return the card you draw to your deck and enhance the next one you draw.

  • Shuffle - An ability to set aside a good card you drew and then draw another card.

Wow, that was a lot! Oh, and that wasn't all! We even got a new trailer that features the theme song, titled "Dragonsong". Composed by the legendary Nobuo Uemastsu, it features vocals by Susan Calloway who also did the "Answers" theme for A Realm Reborn. You can check it out below, but be warned the video does contain spoilers for the latest patch of A Realm Reborn.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward comes out on PC, Mac, PS3, PS4 on June 23rd, with early access beginning on June 19th.