Jesse Woo
Suite of Updates Now Live on Terra Battle
Including new music by Yasunori Mitsuda.
05.23.15 - 9:14 PM

Mistwalker has updated its Android and iOS strategy-RPG hit Terra Battle with a new chapter as well as content promised as part of its Download Starter campaign. The Download Starter content includes new music by Chrono Trigger composure Yasunori Mitsuda, and a new Daily Quest by Sonic the Hedgehog designer Naoto Ohshima called Hedgehog Hullabaloo.

Terra Battle Combat

There will also be a new Quick Match Mode for Co-op Battle that will let you play a random quest for 0 stamina. There, the drop rate for Eidolons and items will be normal but it will be lowered for coins and experience compared to regular Co-op Battles. Mistwalker is also adding new characters such as the popular "Descended Monsters." Bahamut, Leviathan, and Odin will get new Z-class forms and rare monsters like Marilith and Lich are now eligible for Recode DNA. Pacts of Truth and Fellowship will get level and skill boosts denoted by a plus sign. The developers have also tweaked some of the existing skills.

Outside the game, the Terra Battle Art Book, feature works by Kimihiko Fujisaki, is now on sale in Japan, though a Western release date has yet to be announced.