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Dungeon Traveler 2 Trailer Covers Basic Classes
Sometimes you have no choice but to be basic.
05.24.15 - 5:08 PM

Dungeon Traveler 2 isn't just about pin-up calendars; the core of the gameplay is obviously dungeon exploration, and to do that you'll need a strong party that is equipped to handle the dangers that lie within. The classes are as follows:

  • Fighter: A melee attacker with high attack and defense to lead the party into battle.

  • Magic User: She uses magic, duh.

  • Speiler: Said to control the power of fate to use powerful probabilistic abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Her abilities are high-risk, but also high-reward.

  • Scout: A rogue-type class that is quick enough to get the jump on enemies and can also steal from them. They have a flexible fighting style because they use both bows and daggers.

  • Maid: A support class that can cast spells without the cost of TP or casting time.

In addition, a new trailer shows the basic classes in action.

Each young woman starts with one of the basic classes, but as she advances up the job tree she can combine with another class to gain access to its basic skills. Impressively, each woman has a unique art design for each combination of classes.

Dungeon Traveler 2 comes out this Summer in North America for PlayStation Vita. A European version will follow sometime in the Fall.


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