Peter Triezenberg
New Dissidia Final Fantasy Video Highlights Playable Characters
What separates these heroes from Final Fantasies of yore? Find out here.
05.26.15 - 1:02 AM

The new Dissidia Final Fantasy for Japanese arcades recently had it's location test, and 4Gamer has kindly compiled a video containing some details about the upcoming fighter and its current roster of characters. Take a look at the video below.

First off, we have the "Heavy-type" Warrior of Light, who functions as a Paladin of sorts (what's a paladin, you ask? Get out.). He has the ability to draw enemy ire and to protect his allies with "Shield of Light." Onion Knight, meanwhile, is a Speed-type character who can switch between the Ninja and Sage jobs (a fitting homage to Final Fantasy III.

We then can see Terra, who is a Shoot-type character with ranged magic and her Trance form. Cloud Strife brings his iconic Buster Sword weapon and is a Heavy-type akin to Warrior of Light. Lightning, as one might expect, is Speed-type and has the ability to Paradigm Shift, while Y'sholta is a Shoot-type who can buff her allies. As you can see, there are some clear parallels between the two "teams" of characters that have been introduced so far. Time will tell if this continues as the roster is expanded.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is coming to Japanese arcades later this year, with a hypothetical console release sometime in the future.


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