David Brown
A Direct Sequel May Not Be the Future of Bravely Default
The developers have saved up their Brave Points for this.
05.27.15 - 6:30 PM

In recent interview with Gamer magazine, Tomoya Asano, the producer behind the Bravely Default series answered some questions regarding Bravely Second: End Layer and opened up about some ideas the development team has for Bravely Third.

One of the things fans wanted to know was if Bravely Second: End Layer would be getting additional story content through DLC, much like Bravely Default did. After Bravely Default's initial release in Japan, another version that included fixes and extra content was released and titled Bravely Default: For The Sequel. This was the version that was eventually released in the Western world. Asano confirmed that patches would be coming, but there is no plan for an additional version of Bravely Second: End Layer or any DLC that would add to the story.

bravely second no sequel

Gamer also asked Asano to spill the beans on the plans for after Bravely Second: End Layer. As it turns out, this may be the last time we see Tiz ever again.

"Hmm… yes, we’re currently thinking about whether a sequel would be more appropriate or if a completely new title would be more appropriate. This is currently a hot topic among [the development team]."

Assisstant producer Shinji Takahashi chimed in, "We’re thinking about all kinds of things, like what kind of things are requested, and getting feedback from fans."

It looks like the game that was supposed to be a new Final Fantasy title might just create its own, similar franchise.


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