Peter Triezenberg
Sword Art Online: Lost Song and Re: Hollow Fragment Coming Stateside
Re: Hollow Fragment? That sounds like a Kingdom Hearts title. I'm in.
05.28.15 - 2:18 PM

Bandai Namco announced yesterday that a pair of Sword Art Online games will be making their way to the Americas later this year. The first of these, Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment is a rerelease of last year's Hollow Fragment for the Vita, and will be released on the PlayStation Store for PS4 this Summer. Save data from the Vita version will carry over to Re: Hollow Fragment, for those looking to continue their adventures in Aincrad. You can check out Stephen's (hilarious) review of the Vita version here.

Also, Sword Art Online: Lost Song is coming over as well, in the Fall. While the Japanese version is on PS3/Vita, the US release will be for PS4 and Vita. Unlike Re: Hollow Fragment, Lost Song will have a physical retail release.

sword art online lost song coming west

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment and Sword Art Online: Lost Song are both poised to bring the action and rich story of the highly popular Sword Art Online anime to life on the PlayStation family of consoles. The popularity of the light novel and anime have been growing at an astonishing rate and we’re excited to add the Sword Art Online franchise to our company’s illustrious roster of popular anime games,” says Chris Gilbert, Bandai Namco's Senior VP of Sales and Marketing. Who knows, maybe the impending release of Lost Song will get me to finally finish watching the anime series...

In other SAO-related news, a new character is being added to the Japanese version of Lost Song — Kuroyukihime from Accel World! That kind of makes sense, given that both series are about virtual reality MMOs. There's a new trailer for this update below, for those curious.