Scott Clay
Tales of Berseria Announced for PS4 and PS3
A female lead this time!
06.06.15 - 7:49 PM

During the Tales Festival in Yokohama today, Bandai Namco announced Tales of Berseria for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The character designs for Tales of Berseria will be handled by Matsumi Inomata and Kosuke Fujishima, and the animated cutscenes will be done by Ufotable. What is more surprising, is that main protagonist this time around is a young woman named Velvet. She will be voiced by Rina Satou.

Tales of Berseria Main Character

Not much is known about Velvet, but she appears to be some sort of pirate. In the trailer showcased at the event, Velvet is seen multiple times sailing though the ocean on a ship, and in one scene she is imprisoned. We don't know much more then that unfortunately, but we do know the game will be going for a more diverse set of situations and locations this time around. There will be locations ranging from cities of snow, to islands of perpetual summer. You can check out the teaser website for the game here.

Be sure to check back with RPGFan as we bring you more information on Tales of Berseria as it comes in.


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