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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Giveaway + Huge Game Update
To celebrate FFRK's latest update, we have a special giveaway; enter for a chance to win adorable chocobo or moogle goodies!
06.12.15 - 8:37 PM

Square Enix and DeNA's mobile nostalgia-fest, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, recently celebrated its two month anniversary. Available on both iOS and Android, Record Keeper has attracted over a million players. While the free-to-play nature initially puts off some players, I was pleasantly surprised with the title when I reviewed it in March.

Now, I know you're really here for the giveaway, so please, go learn all about it and enter to win some cool prizes! But be quick, you only have a week!

Then come back and read about this week's huge update for FFRK below, written up by News Editor Scott Clay. Thanks Scott!

DeNA and Square Enix released a large update over the weekend to their hit smartphone game, Final Fantasy Record Keeper. The update includes 3 big changes to the game, that give both new and veteran players a fighting chance against some of those difficult battles within the game and for those to come.

Roaming Warriors
The first and perhaps most important part of the update is the "Roaming Warriors" addition. The Roaming Warriors feature allows players to summon a friend's character twice per dungeon to do their particular Soul Break. This feature is very useful in tough battles, which would normally be made easier with a certain character's relic weapon you may not have, or a character you may have missed out on. Never got Cloud's Buster Sword? Then summon your friend's Cloud to cast Braver on a difficult boss. It is just that simple. It really opens up a large amount of customization on which characters to choose for a particular dungeon.

Break Level Cap & Record Materia
The second part of the update is the inclusion of the new "Memory Crystal" system that allows certain characters to break the current level cap of 50, all the way to 65! After receiving a characters specific Memory Crystal and leveling them to 50, you can equip it on them to allow them to level up once again. They also can access to their "Record Materia" which gives certain boosts to stats, or gives helpful passive abilities.

Lastly, a new quest system has been added to the game to help both new players catch up, and give a helping hand to veteran players. Quests give out orbs or mythril by completing certain dungeons, creating certain abilities, or just leveling up characters from a particular Final Fantasy game. Along with quests, players now have the ability to change the battle speed, and see information of specific objectives for certain dungeons before entering. No more getting to a boss and missing out on getting mastery because you didn't know you needed to bring a fire spell with you.


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