Kyle E. Miller
E3 2015: Daedalic Entertainment's Anna's Quest Releases July 2nd
That's coming up fast!
06.16.15 - 5:45 PM

Along with Bounty Train, a Sid Meier's Pirates! meets FLT train simulator, and Valhalla Rising, a viking civilization simulator, Daedalic also showed us a brief preview of the imminent Anna's Quest.

Authored and envisioned by Austrailian Dane Krams, this classic point and click (what Daedalic is best at) combines a deep, adult storyline with a fairy tale theme. Anna, the game's protagonist, seeks medicine to heal her grandfather. She's soon captured by a witch, however, and experimented upon. She escapes, but not entirely unscathed, for the witch's experiments granted Anna paranormal telekinetic powers. She'll surely use these powers on her quest as she encounter dragons, trolls, and other creatures from European folklore.

Dane Krams took two years to create just one episode of Anna's Quest back in 2012 before running out of money. When Daedalic heard Dane's story, they stepped in to fund and complete the project, putting their excellent illustrators and animators on the project to bring it into full HD life.

This is all wonderful news, but the best news is perhaps this: Anna's Quest releases in a couple weeks, on July 2nd, for PC.

Check back soon for RPGFan's review.


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