Liz Maas
E3 2015: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Launch Trailer, Patch Notes
Now with 95% less spoilers!
06.17.15 - 1:21 AM

Despite repeating a few trailers from last night's Sony press conference, Square Enix had a couple of videos that somehow didn't make it into their own conference this morning. One of them was the launch trailer for Final Fantasy XIV's Heavensward expansion.

Don't worry, unlike the recent CG trailer, you won't be spoiled if you haven't finished A Realm Reborn's storyline. You will however, find some in-game story footage, limit breaks, and a new Primal or two here.

Did I mention the new dragoon limit break is called Dragonsong Dive?

Chances are you already knew that if you've read the preliminary patch notes, which went live earlier tonight. For preliminary, they are still rather lengthy, and definitely worth perusing if you want to do something other than wipe in Turn 13... again.

Heavensward, Estinien, Shiva, and Iceheart whaaaaaat

And when you're done with those, be sure to check out the newest batch of screenshots and various job artwork in our gallery linked below, and stay tuned for more impressions and info from the show!

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward releases on June 23rd, with early access beginning this Friday.


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