Derek Heemsbergen
E3 2015: Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Hands-On Impressions
The original farming simulation comes to PC at last.
06.21.15 - 4:04 PM

The Harvest Moon series has seen releases for many platforms, but until now, PC gamers have been forced to make due with the Farmv-- er, the Facebook game that shall remain unmentioned. Speaking its name gives it power, after all, and that's a dark magick I don't intend to weave. At any rate, I was pleased to hear that Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will be making its debut on PC (alongside the Android, iOS, and Wii U versions) when it releases this Winter.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Logo

I stopped by Natsume's booth on the E3 show floor to see how the game is shaping up, and... well, it hasn't really taken shape yet. The E3 build merely showed a single part of the game's town, and the only thing I could do was tap the touch screen to move my character around and speak to the locals. There were no gameplay mechanics or user interface to speak of, so the only impressions I can offer are those of the game's visuals. I'll be straightforward: they're quite simplistic and underwhelming, sporting a cartoonish look not unlike something you'd find in a children's television show. Of course, anything could change as the game progresses through development, and it's hard to judge when so little was available for me to see. I was assured that the usual series staples will be making a return, and when I asked about new crops and items, the only thing Natsume's representative could tell me was that bobcats will be making an appearance in some fashion.

It's tough to say how Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, being Natsume's second in-house development project, is going to compare to Marvelous AQL-developed titles like Story of Seasons. Its Winter release is still a ways off, so we'll continue to report details as we obtain them in the coming months.


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