Jesse Woo
Fire Emblem Fates has Online Play Now, Third Scenario in July
Control your fate.
06.26.15 - 11:18 AM

Japanese gamers got a big surprise with their copy of Fire Emblem Fates in the form of an unannounced online multiplayer function. Online matches can be played with friends, random players, or locally. Battles consist of 5 characters on each team drawn from a player's save file from any point in the game. In addition, you can set standard rules or place limitations like no items or no hero promotions. There will be no fog of war and each player will have 5 minutes to take their turn.

The five maps for online multiplayer are called “Mountain Village,” “Opera House,” “Destroyed City,” “Crumbled Fortress,” and “Palace,” and each will have a Dragon Vein feature and destructible objects. You can also play in either player's My Castle. Players can decide on a handicap, and after the battle is over you will have a choice to blacklist the other player for bad behavior.

Fire Emblem Fates Online Multiplayer

In addition, Dengeki has new details about the third scenario that comes out as DLC in July. It will be available for purchase for 2,000 yen regardless of which version you buy originally. On purchase, you will get the scenario, said to be equal to the other two in length, as well as three additional save slots. Additional stages and DLC will accompany its release. Finally, the third scenario will have you fighting a completely different foe, though they have not yet been named.

Currently there are two new 3DS themes available for 200 yen each, one feature characters from Fire Emblem Birthright (White Kingdom) and one from Fire Emblem Conquest (Black Kingdom).

Fire Emblem Fates is out in Japan on the 3DS and comes to the West in 2016.


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