Patrick Gann
RPGFan Music: Participate in Final Fantasy XI's Rhapsody Finale Choir
The capstone content reaches its finale in November. Let your voice be heard!
06.26.15 - 3:39 PM

Square Enix's long-running MMORPG Final Fantasy XI continues to march forward with its content. Currently, its expansion content Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, which is designed to serve as a capstone event for players, is nearing its conclusion. When that time comes, there will be a special finale song featured in the ending content to the expansion. The song does not yet have a title, but it is using the classic "Vana'diel March" melody.

This song will be special because it will feature hundreds, if not thousands, of voices from players all across the world. Composer Naoshi Mizuta described his desire for this worldwide choir as follows:

I stumbled across a wonderful idea when thinking about what kind of song would be worthy of the gameís ultimate main scenario: if FFXI is one world that we have created together with our players, then why donít I create a song that enhances this aspect by having the players participate in some form? Thatís that kind of music that XI should have. Hence, the idea of asking players to contribute to the chorus was born.

Just as a single adventurer has created the world of Vana'diel together with his or her comrades, we will create a song that will ring throughout the land together.

I hope that we can experience the ultimate chapter of Rhapsodies together with a song symbolizing all that FINAL FANTASY XI is.

The website (link below) includes detailed information on how to participate in the project. There isn't much time left: the window to enter your recorded voice ends on June 30.

In submitting your voice, Square Enix is asking that you specify your character's name and server information. S-E emphasized multiple times on this page that it doesn't matter whether you're an active player or you've had your subscription canceled for years. Everyone is free to participate.


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