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Evoland 2 Release Date Confirmed for PC, Mac, and Linux
Travel though time and genres this summer.
07.17.15 - 1:24 AM

French indie developer Shiro Games announced today, that Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder will hit digital storefronts worldwide for the PC on August 25th, with Mac and Linus versions to follow soon after. Players who pre-order Evoland 2 though the official website will receive a special 10% discount, as well as a digital art book.

Evoland 2 Screenshot

Evoland 2 is an RPG adventure that will take players across an epic journey though time and across a variety of classic and contemporary video game styles. The story revolves around a hero who must learn to understand the nuances of different timelines, and then attempt to alter time to fix the grim future for the better. Of course messing with time is a fickle thing, and it is up to the players to truly find out if the world's destiny is already set in stone.

"By confirming to our fans when Evoland 2 will release, we hope the excitement and anticipation will garner further awareness of this very special game," said Sebastien Vidal, CEO of Shiro Games. "We are taking every measure to deliver a memorable experience that delivers on the original vision we had set for the original Evoland. This is going to be an epic adventure through the world of videogames and we hope players will join us."

Evoland 2 Screenshot

If you haven't had a chance to play the first Evoland, fret not, as Evoland 2 will be a standalone experience. New players and fans of the first game can both enjoy the Evoland 2 experience. If you wish to learn more about Evoland 2, check out the Shiro Games Twitter and Facebook pages. You can also check out the official gameplay trailer for Evoland 2 below!


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