John Tucker
New Staff Members at RPGFan!
Also, some changes among the old-timers.
09.04.15 - 5:14 PM

Remember that hiring drive we had a while back? Funny thing, we ended up hiring some people as a result of it, and we think they're going to be pretty great!

On the news crew, we'd like to welcome: Cheston Axton, who is an actual dad; Colin Burns, who's been in a wizard rock band (maybe he and long-time RPGFan writer Neal Chandran can start an RPGFan band!); Chris Gebauer, who's trying to make it in the city that never sleeps; and Brett Wooley, who may have the biggest list of favorite games on any of our staff pages. (What can I say — we like people who like games!)

In Reviews, we're joined by Krzysztof Chrzastowski, our first team member in Eastern Europe, and obviously the guy with the coolest name on staff; Robert Fenner, our very own expat (who could either be in our band or produce it); Alana Hagues, who remembers playing video games at an age when I don't remember anything at all; and Trace Wysaske, who's the only staffer to mention both blasphemy and chicken nuggets in his profile.

We've also hired our first social media folks, who are already helping us have a better presence outside of the site than we've ever had before: Nilson Carroll, who doesn't just write about games — he makes them, too; and Stephanie Sybydlo, who's better known to RPGFan readers as Dice on the forums. She's been a passionate member of our community for a long time, and we're excited to have her on the team.

On top of hiring all those new folks, we've made some changes among our existing staff. Greig McCallum, who's been writing reviews for us for a few years now, has taken on the task of being forum moderator. It's generally a thankless job, so let me say here and now: "Thanks, Greig!"

Finally, our Managing Editor for the last few years, Kyle Miller, decided to step down from that role and back into his old reviewing shoes. Kyle has been enjoying some professional success, and we couldn't be happier for him. Stepping out of the review shoes and taking over the role is me, John Tucker. I'm no newbie, but I am excited to start a new chapter in my RPGFan tenure with both the new and the classic staffers. And of course, none of us would be here without you who are reading this, so thanks to you for being part of our team too!


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