Scott Clay
Grandia II Anniversary Edition Gets an Update
60 FPS plus Grandia II! Sign me up!
09.05.15 - 2:14 PM

If you haven't picked up Grandia II Anniversary Edition from the Steam store then you couldn't be looking at a better time to rectify that! An update to the game has been released that has added some fan requested features, fixed some bugs, and added stability to the game. Most notably the patch allows you to play battles at 60 FPS, adjust the sound settings of the ambient sounds including the very loud and obnoxious footsteps, and allow the game to run in the background when focus is lost. You can check out a full list of the patch notes for update 1.03 down below.

New Video Settings:

  • 60FPS Battles On/Off toggle

  • Shadows On/Off toggle

  • Pause App on Focus Loss On/Off toggle

  • 4K & Ultra Wide resolutions added

  • Custom resolution support added

New Audio Settings:

  • Music Volume added

  • Speech Volume added

  • SFX Volume added

  • Ambience Volume added

  • Footsteps Volume added

  • New Default Volume Mix updated


  • Analog Camera On/Off toggle

  • Analog Movement On/Off toggle
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed two memory leaks

    • Fixed crash when Roan talks to NPC in Liligue City

    • Fixed delayed from occurring at the end of moves/magic that play videos

    • Fixed ground clipping on Millenia's Fallen Wings move

    • Fixed an issue that prevented the game from loading on a fresh install do to a missing Config & ini file


    • Added Version Number to Main Launcher Window

    Grandia II Anniversary Edition is out now on the Steam store. Also make sure to check with back with RPGFan soon for our review of this remastered classic RPG.


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