Brett Wooley
No Objections Here—Ace Attorney 6 is Coming to the 3DS
Take That News! As well as images and other obvious Phoenix Wright references.
09.10.15 - 12:14 AM

Phoenix Wright is headed to a foreign land, where justice is dealt through an oracle of the dead, and defense attorneys do not exist. Most importantly, his game will be headed to the West on the Nintendo 3DS! In Ace Attorney 6, Phoenix is visiting another country, and becomes involved in a case against Bokuto Tsuani (Apprentice Priest, and Phoenix's tour guide).

A whole new woooooooorld!

When Phoenix visits the courtroom, he finds a different layout than what he's used to. The judge doles out quick verdicts, relies on a young female oracle that communicates with spirits, and uses a magic water mirror that reveals words and images.

Bokuto Tsuani : Apprentice Priest, jovial tour guide, and THE ACCUSED.

In a place where the people worship the souls of the past, will a new style of justice prevail? It's up to Phoenix Wright to help defend this young man, by adapting to their culture, and using his wit to overcome the obstacles! To aid him, the water mirror can be used to reveal clues about the case.

Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney

Director Takeshi Yamazaki and Producer Eshiro Motohide discussed the development of Ace Attorney 6 with Famitsu. According to Yamazaki,Ace Attorney lacks enemies, so they will invest more into the world this time. Also, the theme is "Courtroom Revolution", so Wright may play a role in changing the court system of this village (or the courtroom will spin around for some ungodly reason). Motohide confirmed the return of the "beginner system" from Ace Attorney 5, and wants players to have the ability to turn the hint system on or off.

The mysterious Oracle of spirits

There's something interesting to take notice of. The pendant worn by the tour guide, the object in the staff of the priestess, as well as the imagery in the town, are all almost similar to the pendants of Mia, Maya, and Pearl Fey. This must be a similar village to their hometown of Kurain, so it will be interesting to know how they relate.

More info on Ace Attorney 6 will be revealed at the Capcom booth at TGS 2015 between 9/17/15 and 9/20/15. So HOLD IT on RPGFan for more information!


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