Mike Salbato
A Look at Exist Archive's Character Designs
The neon is strong with these ones.
11.02.15 - 8:38 PM

Okay, yes, that recent character introduction trailer is great, and you should check it out. But let's put that aside for a moment, and look at the great character designs of Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky in our latest gallery update.

There's no shortage of great and eccentric designs in tri-Ace's latest, and more than a dash of Tron influence. I'm okay with this. Check out a few highlights below, and see the entire gallery (and skip my commentary) by clicking any of the images.

Let's start with Kujo Kanata: He's a breath of fresh hair in a sea of black-haired protagonists. He's where we see some modern, almost Persona-esque clothing items such as the striped gloves and socks and spiffy vest. But you can't deny the coolness of that Luke Skywalker-green blade.

Miwakawa Ranze. She's clad in a fairly tame schoolgirl outfit - tame compared not only to many RPG outfits, but compared to a lot of "that skirt is way too short" school outfits, as well. What's important though, and why she will likely always be in my party, is a big honkin' halberd with a neon violet accent.

Yasakata Mitsuhide has the most straightforward Tron feel, I think. The classic blue accents on his coat are sveltey goodness, and those same accents make a pair of ordinary handguns look that much cooler.

Here's Himuro Suzaku and I still don't know what to make of this outfit. I'm guessing we'll learn she's a big fan of gothic or creepy things. Spiderweb stockings, that skull... thing, and the whip exist in stark contrast to her demure smile. That said, I want to see that whip in action, since it's sure to be an effective weapon.

Why choose between a massive handgun and broadsword when you can wield both? Myoji Kagato doesn't look like the friendliest fella, and his cracking indigo lightning trench coat isn't giving me any fuzzy feelings. But it's hard to deny the hotness of that sword that feels like a twisted nightmare rendition of Cloud's trusty Buster Sword.

Whenever Exist Archive comes out here, I'm thinking Tsukishiro Mayura may have a more English-friendly name. At least in her design, she's filling the role of the "innocent girl," but her outfit is far more tasteful than... other developers may put her in. I appreciate the simplicity: Outside of her crimson eyes, she's clad in nothing but light blue and white. It emphasizes a sense of purity and calmness that could only be ruined if she somehow curses like a sailor.

Look, tri-Ace, I'm already sold on this game for all its gameplay similarities to my beloved Valkyrie Profile, you don't need to sell me on it by putting the Pink Power Ranger in it, and yet, here we are. Mitosagi Yui does fall into that typical trap of deciding to leave key areas uncovered, but at least she's smart enough to cover her midriff. I dig the swirly shoulder pads, I don't know why the helmet has ears besides "why not," and that is a sweet staff she's rocking. Plus I'm a Pink Ranger fan for life, so I'm in.

Now we're talking! Himuro's take on 'gothic' is a little comical and pink, but Myoji Ema is not messing around. Her outfit is devilishly stylish: The red rose-like canvas and stitched-together look of her stockings are accented excellently by the black ruffles and just what the hell is that stuffed thing!? A patchwork devil doll that looks not only to have been made of other doll parts, but draped in bloody bandages too? The only thing that could be cooler is if she wielded a twisted, badass, double-bladed weapon akin to Serge's swallows.

....oh. Welp, there we go. Definitely my favorite character design we've seen in this game so far.

And then there's Zenobia. A clearly alien-esque design with LED rope lighting for hair, which I'd be totally cool with, but I can't stop saying "why are... those coming from... there?"

That's as good a place as any to wrap up, no? Be sure to check out the rest of our newly-minted Exist Archive gallery for more character art and screen shots.

Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on December 17th in Japan. So far there's no word of a Western release, but a gorgeous Valkyrie Profile-esque game is not likely something a publisher like Square Enix would pass on bringing to our shores, so keep your fingers crossed!


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