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Stoic Studio Sheds Light on Banner Saga 2's Mysterious Horseborn
The mythos of the Banner Saga grows.
11.04.15 - 12:52 PM

In a recent Facebook post, Stoic Studio elaborated on the lore surrounding the mysterious horseborn, a new race that features conspicuously in the trailer for The Banner Saga 2. The sequel to the acclaimed indie hit picks up with the hero's caravan right where we left it, fleeing south from the encroaching Dredge horde. In their journey, the caravan is sure to encounter new creatures and challenges, including the horseborn.

banner saga 2 horseborn origin

Here is how Stoic described the horseborn on its Facebook page:

Tribal, warring, and somewhat mysterious, the horseborn are another race produced by a god who cross-wove two of the Loom-motherís creations. They once lived among man and varl, though they were never fully tolerated. With a lifespan half that of humans, their boldness was perceived as reckless by the other races. Centuries ago, following the advice of a single leader, horseborn slaughtered all the horses in order to free them from man and varl. The shame from such an act forced them all to flee south in self-exile to the empty plains of Dalalond.

The company also cited the game's map lore for information on the so-called Plains of Slaughter:

The early days of the horseborn are a tragic tale indeed, no tale moreso than that of the Plains of Slaughter, where, furious at man's treatment of horses and with conflicted emotions about their own relationship to the beasts, they stole and slaughtered the horses wholesale in defiance. As time passed they would deeply regret the decision and withdraw further into horseborn territories, cutting themselves off from the other intelligent races completely.

If this writing is any indication, it appears Stoic is ready to greatly expand the world it established in the first game.

The Banner Saga 2 is slated for release this Winter on Steam, with other platforms to follow.


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