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Moogles Confirmed for Final Fantasy XV
Kupo Kup Kupopo Kupo Kupo
11.13.15 - 12:49 AM

According to director Hajime Tabata, Moogles will make an appearance in Final Fantasy XV. Moogles have been in most Final Fantasy games ever since their unveiling in FFII. Square Enix put out a poll on Twitter to gauge fan interest and fans overwhelmingly demanded the inclusion of the little critters. Tabata confirmed this on Twitter.

"I will think of a fun little way to feature Moogles in Final Fantasy XV," Tabata said. "Importantly, at this stage of development I will not be making a trade off with the other work remaining in order to fit them in. So it won't be a very chatty Moogle, but will be done with a suitably light level of development work as a fun little extra."

Final Fantasy XV Moogles Confirmed

So it sounds like we won't be getting a Moogle in our party like everyone's favorite, Mog from Final Fantasy VI.

Be sure to look for these next-gen Moogles when Final Fantasy XV launches in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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