Mike Salbato
Final Fantasy Explorers to Include Extra Jobs in the West
Plus: New hi-res looks at the many classes, characters, and more!
11.18.15 - 12:07 PM

We've been waiting awhile for Final Fantasy Explorers the 3DS title released in Japan last December but it's almost here! Square Enix labels the title as "MMO-LITE," as gameplay is focused on party play, but without the complexities of a full MMO. Featuring over 20 classic Final Fantasy jobs, and a "Trance" ability that allows you to transform into most of the FF series' protagonists (except Zidane for some reason), there looks to be enough variety to keep things fresh for a long time.

Square Enix announced today that the North American version will come bundled with two jobs that were only available as DLC in Japan: Blue Mage and Samurai. Long-time Final Fantasy fans will know that the Blue Mage can learn skills from enemies, giving them a unique arsenal of techniques in battle. Samurai, meanwhile, can deal "exceptionally high" damage. Take a look at these two classes here, and the full roster of jobs in the image below (click to enlarge):

Final Fantasy Explorers Blue Mage Samurai

Final Fantasy Explorers Job Chart

In addition to today's announcement, we have a whole bunch of new and updated character artwork for Final Fantasy Explorers, and clicking any of these will take you to the gallery with over three dozen new hi-res renders!

We have everything from classic job attire like Dragoon and Beastmaster...

Final Fantasy Explorers Dragoon Final Fantasy Explorers Beastmaster

...to adorably-rendered heroes such as Cecil and Yuna...

Final Fantasy Explorers Cecil Final Fantasy Explorers Yuna

...and finally, some iconic Eidolons such as Odin, and the all-new Amaterasu.

Final Fantasy Explorers Odin Final Fantasy Explorers Amaterasu

Again, any of those images will take you to our full gallery with many more new images. Promising over 100 hours of gameplay, Final Fantasy Explorers is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in North America on January 26, 2016. You can pre-order now (Amazon; $39.99 USD), though if you want the super sexy Collector's Edition below, you'll need to pre-order directly through the Square Enix Online Store ($69.99 USD). I have to admit, it's a nice little package for only $30 extra...

Final Fantasy Explorers Collector's Edition


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