Chris Gebauer
Ray Gigant and Adventures of Mana Trademarked in Europe
And now we play the localization waiting game...
11.19.15 - 2:20 AM

Bandai Namco has filed a trademark for Ray Gigant in Europe. Ray Gigant is the name of an Experience developed dungeon RPG that came out this past July 30 in Japan, and judging by the trademark European gamers will have a chance to play the title at some point in the future. As of now there is no hint of a North American localization, but hopefully we will find out more on that front soon.

Final Fantasy Adventure Remake Concept Art

To make things more interesting, Square-Enix has also filed a trademark in Europe: Adventures of Mana. While only speculation at this time, this trademark could potentially be the Western release name of the Final Fantasy Adventure remake (known as Seiken Detsetsu in Japan), which is coming to PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android this Winter in Japan.

Only time will tell, but I hope we will get an update on these two titles soon.


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