Colin Burns
Xenoblade Chronicles X Receives Two New Trailers Before Western Launch
And don't forget to pre-load the data-packs.
11.19.15 - 7:26 PM

Nintendo UK has been building the hype for the soon to be released Xenoblade Chronicles X. Recently, they released two new trailers that provide completely different looks at the game. The first one shows off the game's goofiness and the second trailer focuses on the main plot. This game looks truly massive!

"Try Something a Bit More Exciting" Trailer

Story Trailer

If you already have your copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X pre-ordered, you may want to jump on to the eShop and download the four data-packs that shorten load times and just generally improve the performance of the game. These aren't required but Nintendo recommends you download at least the basic pack.

  • Basic Pack: 2GB
  • Enemy Pack: 2.7GB
  • Player Pack: 3.6GB
  • Skell Pack: 1.7GB

In other Xenoblade news, Nintendo has confirmed that they will be removing the ability to change the size of your character's breasts when using the custom character creator. Everyone will be set to the default size. Apparently, they don't want all the 5-year olds playing the hardcore JRPG that is Xenoblade Chronicles X to see big boobs! Xenoblade Chronicles X? More like XXX!

Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to Wii U in North America and Europe on December 4th.


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