Mike Salbato
PSA: Final Fantasy: Record Keeper One-Day-Only Mythril Freebie + Lucky Relic Draw
That headline probably makes no sense if you don't play FFRK...
11.27.15 - 4:22 PM

DeNA and Square Enix are known to give away little freebies here and there in their iOS/Android title Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. Usually this amounts to 1, or on special occasions, 5 pieces of Mythril, the game's premium currency. These can be exchanged for a "Relic Draw," in which you may get rare equipment. It's not exactly pay-to-win as much as pay-to-maybe-get-something, so while you could buy your way to Relics, it's not required.

That said, at 5 Mythril a pop or 50 to draw eleven chances at once, it pays to save up. Or, you could just log in and take advantage of the one-day-only Black Friday special. Not only is the 11x draw half price at 25 Mythril... they're giving away 25 Mythril if you log in today.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Black Friday Sale

It's kind of a no-brainer if you already have the game, but if you don't, it's a way to get a jumpstart on gearing up a party as well. Gear is assigned star ranks for rarity, with the 5-star items being the best. Among those are certain 5-star pieces that are tailored for specific characters and grant unique abilities. In this particular event, if you end up with 5-star gear, it's guaranteed to be one of these character-specific pieces, such as these:

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Soul Break Gear Final Fantasy Record Keeper Soul Break Gear

Oh, and right now there's also a just-launched Final Fantasy IX event, in which you can recruit basically half of FFIX's cast, so be on the lookout for that!

And that's my Black Friday Public Service Announcement, as someone who plays this game way too much. Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is available on iOS and Android, and is free to download.

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