Peter Triezenberg
Yoko Taro Spills the Beans on NieR: Automata
Even more info is promised in the Spring.
11.28.15 - 6:19 PM

Following the exciting announcement from Paris Games Week, producer Yosuke Saito and director Yoko Taro provided quite a bit of new information concerning NieR: Automata the follow-up to last generation's cult hit NieR. A lot of this information can be found in this article by our very own Chris Gebauer, but Saito and Taro have even more to share with us.

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NieR: Automata will take place in the same world as the original NieR, although separated by hundreds of years. Yoko Taro's involvement in the project will ensure coherence with the world as it was established in the previous games, so as not to disappoint fans. Saito admits that, while the original NieR didn't sell well, it has a strong cult following and a lot of potential. It seems that Square Enix was rather taken by surprise with the popularity of NieR, but with the experienced Platinum Games at the helm, Saito believes that NieR: Automata will be a great follow-up.

It seems that an early title for the game was NeiR: Androids, which was scrapped due to a combination of trademark issues and the name sounding too generic. The first prototype for the game was completed in July 2014, which also served as a test to see if Yoko Taro and Platinum Games would be able to work together—a test both parties passed with flying colors.

According to Taro, he wants to make sure that NieR: Automata is a fresh experience that still maintains what made the original NieR so unique. Platinum Games is reportedly very respectful of the original game, and will maintain both the atmospheric balance of dark worldbuilding and comedy, as well as exploration and combat in the gameplay department. The "Pod" that floats around protagonist YoRHa 2B will store ranged weapons and enable her to switch between ranged and close-combat weapons, as well as navigate tricky jumps and aiding in exploration. The devs compare it to a car's GPS.

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Unfortunately, it looks as though Emi Evans, who provided lyrics and vocals in the original game, will not be returning for NieR: Automata. Composer Keiiche Okabe can't guarantee that he will be able to repeat what made the original game's soundtrack so popular, but will aim to do his very best. The possibility of a NieR remaster was discussed, but since the team is putting all of their efforts behind the new title, that's on the back burner for the time being. Saito also says that he cannot promise a demo, but will consider the possibility.

For some minor story tidbits, Yoko Taro says that the reason we cannot see YoRHa 2B's eyes is "very important" to the story and he doesn't want to spoil it. The bandage on her eyes isn't actually a bandage, but special glasses that transmit information to her. Saito mentions that the reason behind hiding YoRHa 2B's eyes has nothing to do with Emil's petrifying gaze from NieR. Also, the reason her swords don't touch her back is because each blade has its own separate magnetic field, allowing them to float. They can be used as swords or thrown like shurikens.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more about NieR: Automata, which is scheduled for release next year on PlayStation 4.


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