Peter Triezenberg
Final Fantasy XV's Cross-Link System Has Been Overhauled in Final Version
Good, because those things were really tricky to pull off in the demo! Or, maybe I just suck.
12.10.15 - 4:05 AM

With Final Fantasy XV's development coming along nicely, we can now resume eagerly anticipating how the finished product will turn out. One thing that has changed from the Episode Duscae Demo is the Cross-Link system, which enabled Noctis to perform chain attacks with his party members.

"The Cross-Link tempo has been improved from the demo, and execution is now more nimble. Ways of triggering the Cross-Link are different from the demo and have improved. The Cross-Link system was overhauled for the purposes of the finalized version's release," says Ken'ichi Suda, the Game Design Section Manager for Final Fantasy XV. "In addition, 'Slash Link' coordination, as well as a hitherto unannounced system, exists, and these are triggered under different conditions from Cross-Link. These link systems are the bread and butter of XV's friend co-op party battles, so the development team will be polishing these systems up until the moment that the finalized version of the game is released."

final fantasy xv cross link combat system

Well, that all sounds quite intriguing. The Episode Duscae combat provided a strong indication of the kind of teamwork between Noctis and his entourage that the development team has envisioned, and it seems as though this will be even more in-depth in the final combat system. We'll find out when Final Fantasy XV launches for PS4 and XB1. It is currently slated for a 2016 release.