Colin Burns
Yo-Kai Watch Series Sold Over 10 Million Units
Who would've guessed people like monster collecting games?
12.11.15 - 3:33 AM

Level 5 released data confirming that they have sold over 10 million games, worldwide, in the Yo-Kai Watch series. This number includes all Yo-Kai games like the sequels and the Busters spin-offs; Japan even has a Just Dance Yo-Kai game. Us Westerners only have access to the first title but it is very likely that we will get some of these other games eventually. In an interview with IGN, Level 5 president Akihiro Hino expressed an interest in bringing Yo-Kai Watch and other franchises to Wii U and NX. Sure! Why not turn a big success into an even bigger one!?

Yo-Kai Watch Sells 10 Million Sold