Mike Salbato
Final Fantasy VII Remake's Gameplay Trailer Looks Even Better in HD
12.12.15 - 1:51 PM

Square Enix surprised us all with the reveal of the Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3, and did it again with not only new footage, but actual gameplay, at this month's PSX event. While there's been some trepidation about the game's multi-part release, the assurance that it's being done to give the classic RPG a full, complete remake (and not a "best scenes from...") helped quell some of the concern.

Not that I think most of us are TOO concerned looking at this footage. When the PSX event was happening, we saw this video from the event, but it wasn't in full HD resolution, which makes all the difference, and I can't stop watching it. Take a look here (in full screen!), and see a handful of new screenshots in the gallery.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to PlayStation 4 "first," which presumably means it will appear on other platforms later (Xbox One, PC... NX?). No release date has been announced as of yet.