Mike Salbato
Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Gets Huge Update + Special Events
And even offers a trio of real-life prizes to be won!
12.17.15 - 3:18 AM

Square Enix and DeNA continue to roll out new content to Final Fantasy: Record Keeper all the time, and this holiday season, they've got a huge amount of new things going on in the iOS and Android-based game.

First off, earlier this week, our North American version of FFRK got a gigantic interface overhaul throughout most of the game's menus. These changes are ones that have been available in the Japanese version for awhile, and are most welcome here. They involve some tidying up, and some extensive QOL (quality of life) changes that make navigating the deep menu system much better. It's easier on the eyes, sure, but most of the cumbersome actions that involved endless back and forth trips between screens are far more manageable now.

My favorite example is the main party menu. The original is on the left, with the new version on the right:

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Final Fantasy Record Keeper

The short explanation is that you can now modify all of a character's equipment and abilities directly from one menu. The old method meant going into separate equipment and ability menus. Sounds simple, but it's a welcome change. The other thing I'll share is the completely new dungeon screens. Instead of a boring list of dungeon segments, you now get a detailed visual representation of the dungeon, complete with animated boss sprites, and quick access to boss information:

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Final Fantasy Record Keeper

There's several more new screen shots in our gallery, so check those out. Along with these UI changes come three special, limited-time events:

First, there's a special sweepstakes for players to win real-life Final Fantasy items. Prizes include Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children T-Shirts and Cloud/Sephiroth wall scrolls. That's cool enough, but they'll even be signed by artist Tetsuya Nomura and personalized with the winner's name! Also up for grabs is an exclusive "I Beat Ravana" Final Fantasy XIV t-shirt signed by FFXIV producer Naoki Yoshida, and a set of rare FF merchandise such as postcards, lanyards and more. Full details on the sweepstakes are on the official website. While you must play Final Fantasy: Record Keeper to enter, the dungeons are all entry-level content, so don't let that scare you away!

Second, the Blood Madness event just kicked off, and runs through December 24th. This FFVII-themed event is focused on Sephiroth, and bonuses are in effect for rare weapons for most FFVII characters. Also recruitable in this event is a good portion of VII's cast, including Cid, Red XIII, and the just-added Reno. These fine folks join Cloud, and quests are available to also recruit Barret, Zack, Aerith, and Tifa if you missed them in earlier events.

Finally, today marked the start of the Festive Fantasy event, which runs through January 1. This multi-part event offers very generous gil and orb rewards (orbs allow you to create and upgrade abilities), and is paired with yet another bountiful bonus each day, just for logging in. If all that isn't enough, a special high end accessory will also be delivered to all players on December 25th.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Final Fantasy Record Keeper

I know that I write a lot about this game. It's almost silly, to bother discussing UI changes and detailing all these new characters and special in-game bonuses, given that FFRK is a free game. You should know by now that RPGFan doesn't do sponsored content of any kind, and just report on the news. I go into this detail because I'm mildly insane, yes, but also because I've literally logged in to this game every day since it released in the spring, as it's my favorite time-killer on my phone.

So when I say this is the absolute best time to get into the nostalgic love-fest that is Final Fantasy: Record Keeper if you haven't, I know a little bit about it. The game has seen drastic updates and improvements since release, and for the next two weeks, there's so much bonus goodies being given away, you can get a better head start on leveling a party than any time so far in the game's history. If you're a long-time or even short-time fan of Final Fantasy and have an iOS or Android device, check it out. There's currently 89 characters in the game with more being added every month, so there's a good chance you can build whatever dream party you could want.

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