Peter Triezenberg
New Jump Fiesta Kingdom Hearts II.8 and Kingdom Hearts III Trailers
Sora and the gang are back.
12.19.15 - 10:44 AM

Jump Fiesta has begun, and with it, we can expect to see some new footage from many of Square Enix's upcoming RPGs. First up, we have a brand-new trailer for Kingdom Hearts II.8: Final Chapter Prologue as well as brand-new footage of Kingdom Hearts III This is reportedly the same footage that was shown behind closed doors at D23 Japan. Without further ado...

Some of those combat mechanics in the Kingdom Hearts III look awfully reminiscent of the Shotlock and Flowmotion abilities from previous spinoff entries— could we possibly see the return and refinement of those ideas in Kingdom Hearts III's combat system? The Kingdom Hearts II.8: Final Chapter Prologue trailer is fascinating as well, as we get a further glimpse of the special prologue chapter starring Aqua and the story of Kingdom Hearts Chi: Back Cover, along with (of course) remastered gameplay from Dream, Drop, Distance

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get excited. Kingdom Hearts II.8 is due out for PS4 sometime next year, while Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PS4 and XB1 with no set release window as of yet.