Peter Triezenberg
World of Final Fantasy Gets New Jump Fiesta Trailer
Plus twenty minutes of new gameplay!
12.23.15 - 11:08 AM

I'll admit, I didn't know what to make of World of Final Fantasy when it was first unveiled, but I quickly found myself won over by its charms. The new Jump Fiesta trailer seems to confirm that this game is going to be an absolutely adorable take on the Final Fantasy mythos, and will even include characters such as Yuna, Faris (from Final Fantasy V),and Sherlotta (from Echoes of Time. Er... represent?). Give it a look below!

There's also a hefty chunk of live gameplay from the Jump Fiesta floor. In it, we see protagonists Reynn and Lann exploring the "Forest of Lights" dungeon, having encounters with Yuna and Squall, and how the player can use gems to capture monsters and then utilize their various abilities to traverse dungeons. Reynn and Lann are able to change sizes at any time and, depending on their size, either ride monsters in battle or stack them, which grants different bonuses in combat.

We'll be swept away by the sheer cuteness of World of Final Fantasy next year on PlayStation 4 and Vita.