Chris Gebauer
Koei Tecmo Asks Their Fans if They Want Nights of Azure for PS Vita
So do you? DO YOU!?
12.24.15 - 3:52 PM

Koei Tecmo recently announced that Nights of Azure (the game previously known as Land of No Night) will be headed to PlayStation 4 (woohoo!). However there was no word on any possible PS Vita or PS3 release of the game like Japan received.

Nights of Azure Concept Art

But have no fear, my friends, Koei Tecmo understands the struggle and recently took to Twitter to ask fans if the would like to see the game release on PS Vita. While there is of course no guarantee that Nights of Azure will come to PS Vita, many gamers have already weighed in to support a western release:

This news editor couldn't be happier about the prospects of Nights of Azure on PS Vita, and I hope we will get word from Koei Tecmo on the project soon.