Colin Burns
Tales of Berseria Heading West on PS4, PC
Plus get the latest details from Famitsu.
12.27.15 - 2:06 PM

Bandai Namco has announced that Tales of Berseria will be making its way to North America, South America and Europe exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PC. This continues the current trend of PlayStation 3 versions never leaving their home market. The game will include English, Spanish, French, Russian and Italian subtitles. Check out the new English trailer below.

We were also treated to a ton of new information by a recent Famitsu. They have confirmed that Tales of Berseria takes place in the same world as Tales of Zestiria. Zestiria is the future while Berseria is the past. Berseria takes place in the Wasteland and one of the continents here becomes Glenwood which is from Zestiria.

They also confirmed that the battle system will be much the same as Zestiria's. You'll be able to map artes to the face buttons to chain together combos and develop your own fighting style.

Finally, Famitsu introduced us to some terms that seem pretty important to the story.

  • Goma Disease: A disease that transforms humans into monsters. Many of those affected by the illness are reduced to violence and attack others, but there are some who manage to keep their sense of reason.

  • Goma: Things that transformed humans into monsters. Animals, for example, can be Goma that carry the Goma Disease.

  • Seirei: A race that deals with artes that use the power of nature. Most of them are not self-conscious and are used as familiars by humans. Your ally Laphicet is part of this race.

  • Scarlet Night: The night of the scarlet moon. It is said to have some sort of connection to Goma Disease.

Tales of Berseria is releasing in Japan in 2016 but the rest of the world does not have a release window.


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