Scott Clay
Final Fantasy XIV's Letter From The Producer Live Part XXVI Breakdown
The Warring Triad, Round 2!
12.28.15 - 11:56 PM

In case you missed last weeks Final Fantasy XIV's Letter to the Producer Live Part XXVI we got the lowdown for you. Director and Producer Yoshi-P had a lot to say on the current state of the game, as well as information on the upcoming 3.2 patch. At the start of the livestream, Yoshi-P directed everyone to a personal post from him going over the current state of the game, which you can read in its entirety here. Yoshi-P essentially explained the developers mistakes with the difficulty of the current raid, the weird timing of the new relic weapons, and the many mistakes with the implementation of the exploratory missions. Going forward from patch 3.2 feedback on these parts of the game will be carefully looked at and will be adjusted.

Speaking of patch 3.2, players have a lot to look forward to in the patch. Like always there will be more main story quests which will be heading toward the climax of the Dragonsong War. There is also a good possibility that the new trial being added in patch 3.2 will be an encounter with the Warring Triad. Yes you read that right, the same Warring Triad from the fan favorite Final Fantasy VI. The huge Warring Triad statues have progressively been getting more deteriorated in the final zone Azys Lla, and it seems like they are about to break open. The name of the new trial will be called the Containment Bay S1T7, and the lead for this battle is the same person who was in charge of both Titan and Thordan's Reign. So expect a lot of flashy mechanics, and the possibility of falling off the arena. Looks like it's going to be fun for all players!

Final Fantasy XIV Warring Triad

There will be 2 new dungeons added as well. This time we are back to the previous 2.0 patch implementation of the dungeons where one of the dungeons is part of the story. This story dungeon will be named the Antitower. The other new dungeon will be the Lost City of Amdapor Hard mode and will have the players finding out what happened after Diablos left the area.

The second part of the Alexander raid will also be opening with the name Alexander: Midas. This time around since most of the player base hit a brick wall with boss fight during Alexander Savage 3, Alexander: Midas will have a difficulty somewhere between Second Coil and Final Coil. As much as I am disappointed with the change in difficulty, it may be better for the game when more mid-core raid teams can clear the content.

Final Fantasy XIV Double Faust

PvP fans will also be happy to know that a new PvP mode named Feast will be added to the game which will include a 8v8 option. A ranking system which was tested out with Lords of Verminion will also be implemented for PvP giving people more of an incentive to actually participate in battle instead of mindlessly win trading for cool PvP gear.

A few other tidbits to be included in 3.2 include a jukebox to hear some of the amazing music in the game wherever you want, a Hall of the Novice for the new players to learn rotations and help them learn game mechanics, and a new mentor system where players can take new players under their wing and teach them the ropes of the game. The one tease that Yoshi-P needs to cave in on and give us is Cloud's motorcycle mount that was completed but was scrapped later. You can check out it out below.

Final Fantasy XIV Cloud's Motorcycle

Also announced during the livestream, the next fan fest for the game will be held this year! Not much information was released on it yet, but you can check out the dates in the screenshot below.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2

Patch 3.2 should be coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward sometime in late February, or early March if it remains on schedule. Check back with RPGFan as more details on patch 3.2 come in.