Peter Triezenberg
Final Fantasy XV Summer 2016 Release a Possibility, Next ATR in January
Along with tons of footage from Comic Fiesta.
12.31.15 - 2:21 PM

The hype train for Final Fantasy XV continues to chug along smoothly, even if some of us have our doubts. Square has really been putting its all into making sure we're kept up to date every step of the way during the game's development process, a far cry from its approach during the Final Fantasy XIII days, and now we have another bevy of new details to share with you.

final fantasy xv luminous engine square enix screenshot

First of all, we previously reported that the game was fully playable in its pre-beta form, and programmer Satoshi Kitade had some more to say about that. Basically, the game runs just fine on PC, bur requires further optimization and memory adjustments on PS4. The developers have to consider memory restraints when it comes to which features made it into the final product, which is why the dodge roll mechanic only made it into Episode Duscae 2.0 and not the initial demo. However, the development of the demo and the final product are being handled under different circumstances, and Kitade was quick to clarify that just because the pre-beta build runs on PC doesn't mean a PC version is imminent.

From there, director Hajime Tabata and Lead Game Designer Wan Hazmer gave a lengthy presentation on the game at Comics Fiesta in Malaysia. With Hazmer translating for Tabata, the presentation shows footage both new and old. We also learn that there are over 10,000 pieces of concept art currently designed for Final Fantasy XV, which is kind of insane. You can watch the full video below. Thanks go to YouTube user kero0206 for uploading it!

Now for the really juicy stuff. Square recently polled their audience asking whether or not they would purchase Atlus' Persona 5 or Final Fantasy XV first. While I'm sure many RPG fans wouldn't hesitate to buy both... this is an oddly specific question to be asking, no? Not to bring too much speculation to the table, but with Persona 5 currently being slated for a Summer 2016 release, could this be ab idication that Square is considering a Summer release date for Final Fantasy XV? Only time will tell, but the game's next Active Time Report will take place in January 2016, where Tabata will go over the Niflheim Empire, new battle footage (including magic), and indicate about what to expect from the March 2016 ATR.

Final Fantasy XV is currently slated for a 2016 release on PlayStation 4 and XBox One.