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Take a Closer Look at the Final Fantasy Adventure Remake
Has to be better than Sword of Mana, right?
01.03.16 - 2:57 PM

Remember how we're getting a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure? The first title in Square's neglected Seiken Densetsu, or Mana, series, is getting a full 3D remake for PlayStation Vita and mobile devices, and now we have further information about this new title, from Famitsu and the game's Japanese website.

final fantasy adventure seiken densetsu mana square enix famitsu scan

The game is currently 90% developed. The game's official website includes an as-of-yet unavailable English option, and given recent trademarks in Europe and Canada, we can guess that its localized title will be Adventures of Mana. It's a full remake of the Game Boy original, with full 3D graphics, and a new soundtrack arrangement from Kenji Ito.

Additionally, the series' signature Ring Command system will be further refined, and will also have a Half Ring system allowing for quicker weapon and armor selection. There will be Shortcuts for magic and items so that they're less difficult to use, as well. Below, we have the website's prologue for Adventures of Mana, and some first screenshots.

Towering high above the clouds on Mount Illusia…

Enshrined at the mountain’s peak is the worshiped Tree of Mana.

The Tree of Mana that perceives all the power of the universe and grows on its energy.

Legend says that those who touch the tree will obtain eternal power…

The Glaive Empire's Shadow Knight is planning to use its power to conquer the world through slaughter and dismay.

As "Battle Servants" of the Glaive Kingdom, the heroes are put to work by the Shadow Knight.

For his own amusement, the Shadow Knight forces his Battle Servants to fight monsters in deadly combat.

Each day, they're taken from their jail to fight for their lives, and each day's victory earns them just enough food to survive another day.

But the injuries caused by repeated fights and the irrecoverable fatigue caused the Servants to fall one by one…

final fantasy adventure remake adventures of mana screenshot final fantasy adventure adventures of mana screenshots square enix

final fantasy adventure remake square enix game boy final fantasy adventure adventures of mana squaresoft seiken densetsu playstation vita

Adventures of Mana will release this winter in Japan for PlayStation Vita and mobile devices. Keep an eye on RPGFan as we learn more!


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